Lawn Services

Turf Care knows you’ll be delighted with the results of our year-round personalized full-service lawn care programs. Our 10-step turf management program is the easiest way to make sure your lawn receives the adequate attention it deserves all year long.

Each application and analysis is scheduled approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart. We consider each lawn make up to be different. We will also take into effect the time of year, condition of the lawn and type of grass, and soil make-up to determine the best type of weed control and/or fertilization needed to make your yard look its best.

Turf Care also provides core aeration and over seeding services to keep your landscape looking its best all year round. Lawn Aeration removes small core patches of soil and dead grass in order to provide enough room for oxygen and water to properly reach the roots, prompting the roots to grow deeper and fuller below the soil. Aeration is vital for maintenance on a healthy lawn, both in plain sight and sub-surface.

Leaf Removal

Turf Care can save you valuable time and eliminate your need to spend countless hours raking and bagging leaves this season. Not to mention having to find a place to dispose of the debris once you are finished.

We can handle any size job and leaving your property in excellent condition. We blow leaves out from all areas of your grounds including gardens, walkways, in corner lots, driveways, etc to provide a clean professional curbside appeal to your property. Whether you want a onetime cleanup or scheduled visits during leaf season we have the flexibility to service your needs.

Leaf removal can be a tiresome chore that takes you away from your family and other important things.

More time with your family

Save Money

Curb appeal

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Weed Control and Fertilization

Our basic program includes complete weed control and fertilization. Seven scheduled visits throughout the year, guarantees a beautiful lawn year around. Every year, we customize your program to the changing needs of your lawn.

Spring Care – In the spring months, our crew will start treating your lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide to control those unwanted winter weeds and prevent summer broadleaf weeds. Our pre-emergent attacks your soil’s top layer to eliminate the chance of any new development. We will also distribute a mixed fertilizer that will continue to nourish your lawn and foster root growth throughout the spring and early summer months.

Summer Care – Once the summer months roll around, we begin a new fertilizer regimen while continuing our weed control treatments. Our early summer fertilizer has a high concentration of nitrogen to stimulate a green and wholesome lawn. As the temperature hits their highs, we will continue applying a thick layer of a well-balanced fertilizer to maintain growth until the end of the growing season. We also recommend an additional grub worm treatment to prevent pest damage to grassroots.

Fall/Winter Care – Although it’s not a prime growing season, it is important to treat your lawn in the late fall and early winter months with a weed treatment that repels any germination. Keeping your yard pristine in the summer starts with our winterizing fertilizer

Weed control & fertilization adds more to your property

deters weed infestation

Encourages root growth and healthier lawn

Resist Disease

Increased Curb appeal and home value


Turf Cares team of experts has developed a custom 7-step ornamental & shrub care program to address the specific needs of your shrubs, and ornamentals. Our specialists keep every plant on your property looking its absolute best while also maintaining a scheduled check-up on its health while protecting it from damaging pests and diseases.

Check out our turf care shrub customized program

Consultation and free estimate

Year-Round insect/disease control & inspections

Environmentally responsible products and service

Seasonal Protection available

Tree injection program

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Our professional staff is ready to service all your lawn care needs!

Commercial Care

Turf Care is uniquely equipped to take care of all commercial lawn care needs and to promote your business by making an everlasting first impression.

Customizable Plan Options

Contact us for a quote! Our customizable Lawn Service Plan Options Includes:


Fertilization and Weed Control

Grub Control

Insect Control

Natural organic lawn care

Nuisance Pest control


Aeration & Plugging

Water Planning

Pre-emergent weed control applications

Vegetation Control

Weed Control for plant beds

Leaf removal

Shrub care

Debris Removal

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